What Alcohol Drinks Will Stain My Teeth

What Alcohol Drinks Will Stain My Teeth.

Beautiful young woman eating a red apple. Isolated over white

Having white teeth is something that will all want. How do you feel when you see movie stars and celebrities with very shining smiles? You sometimes wish you could have the same. With the developing technology such as laser teeth whitening, it’s possible for everybody to have white teeth. Alcohol is a major cause of stains in the teeth, there are some that are good while others are worse. Here are some of the alcohol drinks that will stain your teeth.

1. Whiskey and Coke
If you want to maintain your long-term dental health, stay clear of whiskey and coke. Most of the people don’t know sodas are extremely bad for their teeth. They contain acids and sugar that can give you cavities thus causing damages. Cola is a big threat to your enamel and when mixed with whiskey, the risk of staining your teeth becomes greater. Pick the right whiskey drinks if you want to maintain your dental health.

2. Apple Cider
However lovely and sweet you may find Cider, it’s a real danger to your teeth and gums. It contains a high level of acid that is likely to cause stains into your teeth. If you take too much apple cider, it will leave your teeth in a bad shape as it could slowly wear away your tooth enamel leaving them completely out of shape. Consider diluting apple cider with water if you want to maintain your oral health. I know most people are not going to do that so if you want to enjoy apple cider and still want perfect teeth free of stains, we advise that you visit laser teeth whitening clinics for whitening.

3. Vodka Cranberry.
Let no one lie to you, Cranberry, although just a fruit, has particularly extreme amounts of sugar which is likely to cause damage to your teeth. Studies have shown that Ocean Spray brand cranberry juice consists of more sugar than a can of coke! It’s true that saliva protects your teeth from various damages, however, a glass of Vodka Cranberry comes with a double threat to your oral health so it’s advisable that you watch out.


Beautiful young woman eating a red apple. Isolated over white

, consider brushing your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day, wash your mouth with water after drinking these drinks and also drink with a straw to minimize the contact between your teeth and the drinks. Alternatively, consider going for laser teeth whitening, in case your teeth are stained already.