How alcohol affects the aging process and beauty

How alcohol affects the aging process and beauty

Alcohol is present in different types of situations, from parties to casual drinking at home. Even if you are social drinker, depending on the number of drinks you take, your body may be affected, especially your skin. So it’s interesting to understand how alcohol affects the aging process and beauty.

Alcoholic drinks can speed up the aging process. This means that you may lose that young aspect faster than you should. So let’s see how exactly alcohol may give you an older appearance.

Dry skin and wrinkles

Alcohol is a diuretic substance. This means that it contributes to dehydrate your body since your kidneys will have to work more in order to help your liver to metabolize alcohol. As a consequence, some organs such as the skin you be dehydrated.

Besides that, the production of vitamin A is reduced due to alcohol. Vitamin A is an essential antioxidant, that promotes cell renewal or the generation of new cells.

Another effect of alcohol is the depletion of collagen. With less collagen, the skin loses elasticity and that beautiful supple aspect.

Dehydration, lack of vitamin A and collagen can create wrinkles and lines, even before 40 years old.

Redness and swelling

As a vasodilator, alcohol widens blood vessels. Some of them can be broken, especially around the eyes and nose. The result is a skin that resembles the rosacea condition.

The enlargement of vessels can also lead to swelling. A common case of swelling skin are the cheeks that seem to be falling down.

Hair loss

The dehydration is not only harmful to the skin, but also to the hair. When the hair follicles become dry and brittle, the hair is more susceptible to fall down.

Hair loss and damage can be a result of keratin loss. The keratin, a protein necessary to build to the hair follicles, can be reduced by two ways. First, when alcohol affects the acid/alkaline balance, the body can use part of the keratin to restore such balance.

Second, the excess of alcohol can cause the depletion of iron and zinc. These minerals are used to produce keratin. If there is an iron or zinc deficiency, the body can’t produce the normal amount of keratin.

Faster effects on women

Women metabolize alcohol in a different way than men. Why? Because they have a higher proportion of adipose tissue (body fat), different rates of alcohol absorption over the menstrual cycle and a smaller amount of gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, the enzyme responsible for breaking the alcohol.

This means that women will have a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood mainstream, so their aging process can be affected by smaller amounts of alcohol.

A non surgical solution

If you already noticed some differences in your skin, it will be helpful to drink fewer alcoholic drinks and with a lower frequency. And to give your skin a better and more beautiful aspect, you don’t need to do surgeries.

There are non sugical facelift treatments that can be very effective to reduce:

  • wrinkles and lines around your mouth and eyes
  • blotchy skin
  • hollowness under the eyes

Such treatments are safer, less aggressive and non-invasive to your body, preserving tissues and being less painful. With non-surgical facelift treatments, you can get back that young look and be happy with what you see in the mirror.