What are the different types of sports drink?

The drink waiting, to prepare the training

The waiting drink is a drink that will help prepare the body for the effort. Consume within one hour before training , or before a competition , it will provide your body everything it needs to be in good shape. Spire treatments Northants

First, the waiting drink will prevent the risk of dehydration : we recommend drinking 300 ml minimum before training. The waiting drink will also prevent a hypoglycemia crisis during exercise .

The drink must be sweet, favoring fructose-based drinks, a sugar that is gently absorbed by the body, which allows to hold during all training. To put the body in good shape, it is advisable to always take the same drink, to make the body understand that it is entering the preparation phase.

Training Before Effort – Punch Power

To be consumed before your workout or during warm-up, the Punch Power cherry standby drink brings you nitrates from the beet to ensure good blood flow, as well as magnesium and potassium to prevent fatigue. Fructose and vitamin B1 are also at the rendezvous, in a drink without dye and without preservatives.

The energy drink, to be at the top of your performances

During the effort, the body will draw on the reserves of water and glycogen (sugars). With a balanced diet and depending on the intensity of effort, the body can hold 1 hour, or 1:30, at the top of its performance. Beyond that, we start to lose a little energy, and the training loses intensity.

The energy drink will help to take over, accompanying you during the effort. Our energy drink Biodrink consists of water, carbohydrates (maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose, sucrose), as well as vitamin B1 to allow the body to draw its energy reserves in the drink.

It is consumed by small sips during the training, at a rate of half a liter per hour . This rhythm will allow you to optimize the benefits of the drink. Biodrink comes in 5 flavors (also available in antioxidant drink ) to suit all tastes, and complies with the regulations on the organic production method to ensure you healthy products.

Mountain bike during the effort – Punch power

The recovery drink, to regain strength

The salvage drink, as its name suggests, gives back to the body the resources it has exhausted during the effort .

To promote muscle recovery, the recovery drink contains protein and amino acids . The muscles take energy, recover more quickly from the effort, and you gain muscle faster.

Of course, the recovery drink must also bring you good hydration, after losing a lot of water by sweating. As explained above, through perspiration, we also lose mineral salts. Sodium, potassium, magnesium should therefore appear in the composition of your recovery drink.

After intense or long training, a recovery drink will also redo the glycogen stock, which is essential to regain energy and to provide a minimum of physical effort. We then put on a drink rich in fructose and glucose.

Man Recovery – Punch Power

The Power Punch recovery drinks contain all the essential elements for a good recovery drink: magnesium, potassium, protein, BCAA … to ensure sound and efficient recovery!

When choosing your sports drink, consider the intensity of your workouts and the needs of your body: some will need more hydration or more sugar. In the same way, some will bet more on the preparation than on the recovery, the important thing is to listen to your body!

Finally, to go further, you can consult our offer in protein shakes , to take muscles faster!