Connecting Drinks is a blog focusing on the worlds two most favourite things – food and drink. We will be giving you all of the inside information on the events we go to and places we visit and how we have connected the perfect drinks for the occasions. With regular updates regularly reading our blog will give you insight on the latest food and drink trends and how they are working together in the current market. With the food and drink industry ranging so vastly between budget and luxury, there are plenty of opportunities to try out much wonderful food and drink combinations and find out what you like best.

Why is important to match food and drinks together?

Good food and good drinks serve their purpose individually – but matched together they can create something that is amazing. Many people do not realise how important it is to carefully match your food and drinks not only to each other but the occasion as well. There is a lot of etiquettes associated with what drinks and food you should have on offer depending on what the occasion is and a lot of people over look this. Our blog will give you all of the information you should need on the perfect food and drinks for whichever occasion you are holding. Connecting food and drink together dates back hundreds of years and is still one of the most important parts of any even that you might wish to hold.

Why are food and drinks so important?

Food and drink are often seen as a basic need by many people, but it goes a lot deeper than that. The food and drink industry is a billion pound industry not just because it is a necessity for humans but also because food and drink have become something of an art form. Many people like to show off their wealth by hosting luxurious dinner and drinks parties and there is a reason some places have a waiting list of well over a year to get a table. Societies relationship with food is one of importance for so many more reason than just the need to eat three times a day.

What can you expect from Connecting Drinks?

Here at Connecting Drinks you can expect regular blogs on making food and drink work together. When we visit events and places you can expect our blogs to give you an accurate overview of not only what the food and the drink were like but also what the atmosphere was like as well. We strive to be forthright and honest with anything that we are going to review, and we will always be transparent if we have been given the product or invited to an event just for the purpose of creating a review. Connecting Drinks is about including everyone in our journey, so you will find that we will cover many different types of food and drink, styles, locations and price ranges. We feel that everyone should be able to enjoy the deep connection that comes with correctly matching the right food to the right drinks and that no one should be left out of how enjoyable this is when done right.